Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yakimator – Dopplebock (new release)

imageY is for Yakimator.  To compliment the bock that we have on tap, you can also experience the Lenten traditions of Bavaria Germany.  Doppelbock, even though the literal translation is double-bock, actually is just a stronger version of a bock.  For instance the (Yakety Yak) Don’t Talk Bock is about a 6.2% beer where the Yakimator is a 8.8% version of a very similar recipe.   So where does the name come from?  KROC homebrewing club member Jimmy Fixari had suggested brewing a doppelbock by this name and thus Yakimator is born. 

The “ator” suffix of the name comes from a long line of traditional doppelbocks names. The first ever doppelbock was created by the Paulaner monks to nourish themselves during the Lenten fasts.   Their monastery was located near Munich and they named the beer Salvator.  Most brewers name their db’s with the suffix of “ator” as a nod to the first one.  Some of the other German names include:image Celebrator, Triumphator, Optimator.  The U.S. thinks it is funny to play on words:  Seeyoulator, Lubricator, Intoxicator, even I called my first db Draegerator!

Another interesting connection with doppelbock involves a friend of mine from Iowa. The 2012 Beer Drinker of the Year (competition held at Wynkoop in Denver, CO) has created a beer called Illuminator and has documented an experiment on fasting during Lent consuming nothing but beer and water.

Due to the accelerated rate that these Haunted Beers have been consumed as of late, you might want to check it out soon before the ghost consumes it all!

P is for Prost! (in Deutsch)

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