Monday, June 25, 2012

Victorian Sunrise Wheat and Wheat Wednesdays

The wheat beer is back, just in time for all this 90+ degF heat!  The Victorian Sunrise Wheat is a 5.1% ABV and 20IBU cloudy wheat beer based on a hefeweizen recipe.   This beer will be quite refreshing but don’t expect huge banana or clove flavors as I designed the beer to be less fruity so that our Wheat Wednesday flavors will be showcased better.  Many other local breweries keep a wheat beer on draft year round (Arvada Beer Co, Wynkoop, CB & Potts, Avery Brewing Co, Twisted Vine, Dry Dock, etc) but I like to think of ours as special since it only comes out once a year!

The Victorian Sunrise Wheat will be released at 4PM on Wednesday June 27th. Also if you want a sneak peek at the schedule for Wheat Wednesdays…

July 4th – Strawberry

July 11th – Cherry

July 18th – Clove

July 25th – Blueberry

Aug 1st – Ginger

Aug 8th – Cantaloupe

Aug 15th – Raspberry

Aug 22nd – Roasted Peppers

to be continued in September…

Anybody who makes it to every release without missing one will get a special prize.  Last year Brian was the only person who was able to complete the Wheat Wednesday Series.  I also wanted to point out that Wednesday (until 6PM) is usually “meet the brewer night” too, if you want to hang out, ask questions or get a tour.  Hope to see you every Wednesday!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Very Cherry Belgian Ale

All of our recipes are original, but most are inspired.  For instance the GF Apple Ale is inspired by session hard ciders and the JalapeƱo Lena is inspired by the famous Cave Creek Chili Lager.  This beer too is inspired: New Glarus’ Belgian Red has a well pronounced cherry color, flavor and aroma and has been described more like a wine.  Our version has plenty of cherry flavor and color, but still resembles more of a Belgian beer than a fruit wine.  We call it Very Cherry Belgian Ale.  It will be released on Wed June 13th at 4PM.  Not that high in alcohol or hops, but specially treated with lots of cherries and cherry juice this beer will be served in 10oz Belgian glasses.

Come try a one-of-kind cherry treat.


Gluten-Reduced Himalayan IPA love our Himalayan IPA, but for those with Celiac’s or gluten-sensitivity it is almost impossible.  Traditional gluten-free beers contain no grains with gluten (ex: substituting sorghum for wheat) but there has been new enzymes on the market that can help make a wheat and barley beer gluten-free, or at least gluten-reduced.  These enzymes break down glycoproteins (gliadin in wheat and hordien in barley) and they become benign short chains that are tolerated by nearly all with gluten issues.    On Wed 13th at 4PM we are releasing our Gluten-Reduced Himalayan IPA that was fermented separately with this test enzyme. Since we aren’t paying some agency to test and certify this beer as gluten-free, we are just calling it Gluten-Reduced.

Come test it for yourself.  For all you gluten deprived Hop heads out there...


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It’s Yeti Hunting Season again!

yeti season2 Saison is the Belgian word for “season.”  The Yeti Saison is back on tap now for early summer.  Saison’s are usually a straw-colored beer, cloudy and very dry in the finish, not unlike lemonade, which are both equally satisfying on a hot-summer day!  This batch of saison falls out of the traditional range for alcohol content at 8.5%ABV, but served responsibly in a 10oz Belgian beer glass.  To read more about the first release of the Yeti Saison visit here.