Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bacon Maple Soda (breakfast drink of champions)

image Most people are interested in our new beer releases, but for us bacon-lovers, I'm pretty sure this holds equal enthusiasm. Bacon Maple Soda is made with real bacon and maple syrup....a breakfast drink of sorts.  (Maybe we should have named it “Early-bird Special”, “Maple Pig Juice” or something your ideas in response to this please.) To be released on Wed April 4th at 4PM.  This soda was made in accordance with the German Swine-heitsgebot!

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Oink!…err, rather Prost!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Imperial Common Release party photo.

imperial common releaseBig Thanks again to Ryan Thomas who was our guest brewer last Friday for our Imperial Common release party.   We still have some left for those who didn’t get a chance to sample it last Friday.  Such a unique style, I’m pretty sure this is the only Imperial Common on tap in Denver and probably the U.S. right now.


Brewer’s Association Brewpub Page – Brewer’s Spotlight

imageI ’m not sure if they change this daily/weekly, but I am spotlighted on the front page of the Brewer’s Association Brewpub page.  They call it “A toast to…” or “brewer’s profiles”.  Sweet.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

La Bhutan – Belgian Blonde on tap

image Slightly different from the last La Bhutan Citra as I changed the hops to Styrian Goldings (one of the classic Belgian hops).  So now the beer is less fruity and has more “Belgiany” esters.  This batch was large enough that I decided to sell growlers.  (Usually the Haunted Beer Series and Belgian Tap beers are not available in growlers.)  The Saison that was on tap finished quicker than I thought, so I didn’t get a chance to post about this earlier…La Bhutan is on tap now!

A Belgian Blonde that tops out at 7.6% ABV (which is on the high side for a blonde according to the BJCP), in addition to malted barley this recipe also includes other fermentables like malted wheat and cane sugar.  If you like Avery Brewing’s Salvation but want something more sessionable, try this out.

No need to ring Pavlov’s bell, I’m already salivating…


Monday, March 19, 2012

Roasted Leña

image Our Jalapeño Lena has been a regular favorite for several month now.  I have had requests from some people to change up the peppers or add some roasted peppers.  Peppers and green chilis have definitely been added to my culinary vocabulary since moving out to the Denver area.  As much variety of peppers out there, we’ll stick with 100% jalapeños. 

Want to see what sort of flavors roasted jalapeños bring to a beer?  Our Tandoori oven here at the brewpub serves well for grilling chicken, lamb, naan and just about anything, so what better way to roast peppers?!

When the next keg of Jalapeño Lena blows, you’ll see the Roasted Leña on tap for a limited time (special release).  I’m guessing we’ll have it on by Wednesday.  Come give it a try.


Guest Brewer: Imperial Common

image A few months ago I proposed an idea to the local KROC homebrewing club. We proposed an informal competition for beer ideas/recipes, the winners would be selected to brew the batch on our pilot system and get a release party for the beer. Ryan Thomas submitted a recipe for an Imperial Common (think: California Common on steroids, or a less hopped Barleywine) and was selected to co-brew it last month.

The release party is this Friday March 23rd from 4PM til close. Shame on me for not getting a photo of us brewing it together, it would have made a nice addition to this blog.

Ryan proposed a recipe has a lot of Victory malt and 3 different types of crystal malts for a complex malt bill. I’ve actually never heard of anybody brewing this style, so I was intrigued from the start.  Any other questions are welcome to the brewers during the release.

Stop by to congratulate Ryan on his commercial beer release this Friday.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Yeti Saison – release on Wednesday at 4PM

image Belgian beer lovers rejoice because it’s Yeti Hunting Season.  (“Saison” means “season”)  Saisons are dry, hop spicy, Belgian beers usually between 5-7% alcohol.  Most American breweries have been hugging the upper threshold of this style and our 6.9% is no different.  Despite many of our customers who may think that all Belgian beers are “sour”, this is just not true.  The majority of Belgian beers are just “Belgiany” but not sour.   (There are some sour Belgian’s out there like Gueze/Lambic and Flanders Sour beers like Old bruin or Red).  This beer style has a history with Belgian farmers as a seasonal homebrewed beer (usually made in spring/summer), and some refer to it as a Farmhouse Ale.

Come celebrate Yeti Saison on Wed at 4PM.  This was a small batch that won’t make it through the weekend, so come early.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yakimator – Dopplebock (new release)

imageY is for Yakimator.  To compliment the bock that we have on tap, you can also experience the Lenten traditions of Bavaria Germany.  Doppelbock, even though the literal translation is double-bock, actually is just a stronger version of a bock.  For instance the (Yakety Yak) Don’t Talk Bock is about a 6.2% beer where the Yakimator is a 8.8% version of a very similar recipe.   So where does the name come from?  KROC homebrewing club member Jimmy Fixari had suggested brewing a doppelbock by this name and thus Yakimator is born. 

The “ator” suffix of the name comes from a long line of traditional doppelbocks names. The first ever doppelbock was created by the Paulaner monks to nourish themselves during the Lenten fasts.   Their monastery was located near Munich and they named the beer Salvator.  Most brewers name their db’s with the suffix of “ator” as a nod to the first one.  Some of the other German names include:image Celebrator, Triumphator, Optimator.  The U.S. thinks it is funny to play on words:  Seeyoulator, Lubricator, Intoxicator, even I called my first db Draegerator!

Another interesting connection with doppelbock involves a friend of mine from Iowa. The 2012 Beer Drinker of the Year (competition held at Wynkoop in Denver, CO) has created a beer called Illuminator and has documented an experiment on fasting during Lent consuming nothing but beer and water.

Due to the accelerated rate that these Haunted Beers have been consumed as of late, you might want to check it out soon before the ghost consumes it all!

P is for Prost! (in Deutsch)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Guest Brewers: Green Tea Pale Ale Release

image A few months ago I proposed an idea to the local KROC homebrewing club. We proposed an informal competition for beer ideas/recipes, the winners would be selected to brew the batch on our pilot system and get a release party for the beer. Scott Huntley and Dave Janusz submitted a recipe for a Green Tea Pale Ale and were selected to co-brew it last month. (the other two winners will have release parties coming up as well)

The date has been set for the Green Tea Pale release party, March 9th (this Friday) from 4PM til close. Shame on me for not getting a photo of us brewing it together, it would have made a nice addition to this blog.

The recipe has 1/2lb of green tea leaves in the boil along with 1/4lb of brown rice tea. Then instead of dry-hopping the beer, we dry-tea’d the beer with another 1/4lb of green tea. Any other questions are welcome to any of us brewers during the release. It will be interesting how the beer pairs with our Indian/Nepal-style cuisine.

Stop by to congratulate Scott and Dave on their commercial beer release this friday.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Where in the World is Yak and Yeti Beer?

image Well besides our Olde Town Arvada and Westminster locations you can get Yak and Yeti’s Himalayan IPA on tap at Wynkoop Brewpub in downtown Denver starting this weekend.  I have made some contacts at Wynkoop in the last 2 months and they decided to put one of our beers on their (upstairs) bar guest-taps.  Look for the Big “Y” tap handle and ask for the 2010 GABF Gold medal winning IPA that is on tap (or “Himalayan IPA”, whichever you prefer).