Monday, March 19, 2012

Roasted Leña

image Our Jalapeño Lena has been a regular favorite for several month now.  I have had requests from some people to change up the peppers or add some roasted peppers.  Peppers and green chilis have definitely been added to my culinary vocabulary since moving out to the Denver area.  As much variety of peppers out there, we’ll stick with 100% jalapeños. 

Want to see what sort of flavors roasted jalapeños bring to a beer?  Our Tandoori oven here at the brewpub serves well for grilling chicken, lamb, naan and just about anything, so what better way to roast peppers?!

When the next keg of Jalapeño Lena blows, you’ll see the Roasted Leña on tap for a limited time (special release).  I’m guessing we’ll have it on by Wednesday.  Come give it a try.


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