Monday, March 12, 2012

Yeti Saison – release on Wednesday at 4PM

image Belgian beer lovers rejoice because it’s Yeti Hunting Season.  (“Saison” means “season”)  Saisons are dry, hop spicy, Belgian beers usually between 5-7% alcohol.  Most American breweries have been hugging the upper threshold of this style and our 6.9% is no different.  Despite many of our customers who may think that all Belgian beers are “sour”, this is just not true.  The majority of Belgian beers are just “Belgiany” but not sour.   (There are some sour Belgian’s out there like Gueze/Lambic and Flanders Sour beers like Old bruin or Red).  This beer style has a history with Belgian farmers as a seasonal homebrewed beer (usually made in spring/summer), and some refer to it as a Farmhouse Ale.

Come celebrate Yeti Saison on Wed at 4PM.  This was a small batch that won’t make it through the weekend, so come early.


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