Thursday, February 16, 2012

(Yakety Yak) Don’t Talk Bock

image If lagers didn’t taste so amazing I wouldn’t bother with the extra time it takes to ferment and condition these beers. Our patrons have been patiently awaiting our next big batch seasonal: (Yakety Yak) Don’t Talk Bock. (Bavarian-style Bockbier) The name also implies that you shouldn’t talk about this beer, but that’s nonsense, share the news with your friends just like The Coasters would have done. Released on Friday February 24th at 4PM and an ordained minister is leading us in the “Blessing of the Bock” at 5PM, so stop by early to get your glass filled for the blessing.

For those unfamiliar with bockbier, here is a short history/description:

Bock is a lager originating in Einbeck, Germany and the Bavarians adopted as one of their own.

There are 3 theories why it is called a “bock” bier:image

  1. The Bavarians have a slightly different dialect and when they tasted this Einbeck beer, it was thought to be “ein bock” or “one billy goat.”

  2. Bock beers have traditionally been stronger than most other lagers and as a result they can really give an alcoholic “kick”, goats were associated with kick

  3. Traditionally it was made in winter during December 22 through January 20 (the Capricorn zodiac sign is a goat)

Due to all these goat references most bocks feature a billy goat on the label (if we had a label ours would most definitely feature a YAK!)

Since this is a German-style lager it is very fitting that we raise a glass and toast with…


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