Monday, March 5, 2012

Guest Brewers: Green Tea Pale Ale Release

image A few months ago I proposed an idea to the local KROC homebrewing club. We proposed an informal competition for beer ideas/recipes, the winners would be selected to brew the batch on our pilot system and get a release party for the beer. Scott Huntley and Dave Janusz submitted a recipe for a Green Tea Pale Ale and were selected to co-brew it last month. (the other two winners will have release parties coming up as well)

The date has been set for the Green Tea Pale release party, March 9th (this Friday) from 4PM til close. Shame on me for not getting a photo of us brewing it together, it would have made a nice addition to this blog.

The recipe has 1/2lb of green tea leaves in the boil along with 1/4lb of brown rice tea. Then instead of dry-hopping the beer, we dry-tea’d the beer with another 1/4lb of green tea. Any other questions are welcome to any of us brewers during the release. It will be interesting how the beer pairs with our Indian/Nepal-style cuisine.

Stop by to congratulate Scott and Dave on their commercial beer release this friday.


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