Monday, April 23, 2012

Sherpa Prima – Haunted Series Tap

image The Yak and Yeti is re-releasing the Sherpa Prima (barrel-aged robust porter).  It is on tap now in Arvada at the brewpub. Read more about the beer and the initial release here.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Beer Mixed Drinks

image Yes, the Yak and Yeti regulars have been mixing beers for 10 years. This is nothing new since Britain's old world traditions have been mixing beers for centuries.  The Cheshire Cat Brewpub also took on this tradition and it still continues today thanks to our regulars. 

The most famous example is that of Porter.  Porter today is a style of beer, but at one time it was actually a mixed beer beverage called “an entire”, “three-threads” and eventually “porter!”  It was made up of an ale that was old, a fresher ale and a stronger ale (2-pence).  These three were mixed and since the labor class of Porters were the first to really embrace this style, the name has stuck.  Eventually it became so popular breweries just made the Porter all at once opposed to having the bar staff blend it.

Come check out our list of beer mixed drinks, some are traditional like a “Snake Bite” and could probably find at dozens of other Denver bars and breweries, but others are unique to the Yak & Yeti like the “Bloody Lena”.  Most of these mixes were created by our regulars which order these often.  Don’t worry, if you can’t remember these mixes they are posted behind the bar for you ordering experimentation pleasure.

Three” - Pilsner(1/3), IPA(1/3) & Mild(1/3)

M&M – Milk Stout(1/2) and Mild(1/2)

Bloody Lena – Jalapeno Lena(1/2) & Bloody Mary Mix(1/2)

Snake Bite – Pilsner(2/3) & GF Apple Ale(1/3)

Black Velvet – Milk Stout (1/2) & GF Apple Ale(1/2)

Red Swirly – DIPA(1/2) and Mild(1/2)

Golden - Pilsner(1/2) & IPA(1/2)

Belgian Apple – La Bhutan(2/3) & GF Apple Ale(1/3)

Hoppy Brown - Mild(2/3) & IPA(1/3)

Spiked Ginger Ale – Honey Ginger Soda & Vodka


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last Call for Craft Beer Bottles & Cans

image Some of you know that we’ve been collecting craft beer bottles & cans on our shelf that surrounds the bar area.  We basically have 70 feet of shelving that is mostly full of unique drinking vessels.   We are having one more push to get the shelves filled up, as we can probably get about 100 more bottles between the spaces of the bottles/cans.

There are only two rules:

1. it must be unique (somebody else hasn’t already brought that same bottle/can)

2. it must fit on the shelf (this should not be a imageproblem as bombers and 750ml bottles fit just fine)

When you bring it in we’ll have you sign the back with a special “silver” Sharpie and date it, so we’ll always know who brought the bottle and how long it’s been on display.  If you have a really special bottle, I suppose you’ll get bragging rights as it is displayed for all to see.

Hoping to see some new rare bottles amongst them… (notice the first bottle on the 2nd pic, “Denver Beer”  before the re-incarnation of DBC)


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New T-shirts available!

shirt with foot logo Our existing T-shirt is worn by the entire staff, not sure how many tourists/patrons want to wear the same shirt and mistakenly get asked for more water refills from other customers.  So…we designed a new T-shirt logo specifically for eliminating the confusion.

The “Feet Logo” as we now refer to the graphic is available in 3 Men’s colors & sizes (L, XL, & XXL) and 3 Woman’s colors & sizes (M, L, & XL).  All shirts are $16, with the exception of the men’s “ringer” shirt (brown) for $18.

If you want to make some real footprints, you can start by sporting our new shirt design.

Thanks and Prost!

6 new shirts

Monday, April 9, 2012

Oaked IPA on tap

image Take our award-winning IPA and put a charred oak spiral in a 1/6bbl and you get a beer so oaky that you’ll think splinters are on your tongue.   6.4% ABV and served in 10oz snifter glasses.  This won’t last long, get it whilst you can.


Guest Brewer Release - Dark Belgian Strong aged on oak

image This Friday at 4PM we’ll be releasing the 3rd edition of our Guest Brewer series with KROC ( homebrewing club member Rick Bobbitt.  Rick suggested making a BIG Dark Belgian Strong and make our own Belgian Candy sugar as well as age it on oak…we were intrigued, maybe you’ll be too.

The beer was brewed on Feb 24th and has some very strong notes of almonds, raisins and other dark stone fruits.  Very dark and big (10.5%ABV), served responsibly in 10oz snifter glasses.  You can ask more questions about the beer on Friday when Rick and I will be on hand at the Brewpub.  

Stop by and congratulate Rick on his commercial success.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

West-Coast Glutton – a double red IPA

image Special thanks to J. Wilson of Prescott, IA who is the 2012 Beerdrinker of the Year (Competition held annually by Wynkoop Brewpub).   Jay dreamed up the name for this beer several years ago, I remember him telling me about it.  For those who don’t “get the joke”  I’ll only explain it once.  California and the Northwest States have been hop-heads for over a decade and double IPA’s came and some even claim to have triple-IPA’s and other hop monsters!  So West-Coast Glutton is a double IPA with a butt-load of hops.  Twice as much as our regular IPA, so really a DOUBLE!  Cascade and Zythos hops are featured in this ale for a citrus-infused hoptastic taste sensation. I also didn’t want another light colored beer but something with a backbone, so this is an impressive 10.0%ABV reddish-colored beer.  (Served  responsibly in 10oz snifter glasses.) 

The much awaited release is Friday April 6th at 4PM at the Yak and Yeti Brewpub in Olde Town Arvada.  See you here.


GF Apple Ale – re-release

image I can’t seem to keep this small batch on tap because it goes so quickly.  So I sourced a lot more apple cider and brewed up a bigger batch so we’ll have a gluten-free option for those with intolerance (or those who like a beer that tastes like cider!)  Unless you count the Colorado Cider Company’s products, there aren’t too many gluten-free beers that are made and served in the Denver Metro area.

GF Apple Ale will be tapped at 4PM on Friday, April 6th.  Read about the previous description and releases here and here.

For those beer drinkers with gluten intolerance, raise a glass and…