Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last Call for Craft Beer Bottles & Cans

image Some of you know that we’ve been collecting craft beer bottles & cans on our shelf that surrounds the bar area.  We basically have 70 feet of shelving that is mostly full of unique drinking vessels.   We are having one more push to get the shelves filled up, as we can probably get about 100 more bottles between the spaces of the bottles/cans.

There are only two rules:

1. it must be unique (somebody else hasn’t already brought that same bottle/can)

2. it must fit on the shelf (this should not be a imageproblem as bombers and 750ml bottles fit just fine)

When you bring it in we’ll have you sign the back with a special “silver” Sharpie and date it, so we’ll always know who brought the bottle and how long it’s been on display.  If you have a really special bottle, I suppose you’ll get bragging rights as it is displayed for all to see.

Hoping to see some new rare bottles amongst them… (notice the first bottle on the 2nd pic, “Denver Beer”  before the re-incarnation of DBC)


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