Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New T-shirts available!

shirt with foot logo Our existing T-shirt is worn by the entire staff, not sure how many tourists/patrons want to wear the same shirt and mistakenly get asked for more water refills from other customers.  So…we designed a new T-shirt logo specifically for eliminating the confusion.

The “Feet Logo” as we now refer to the graphic is available in 3 Men’s colors & sizes (L, XL, & XXL) and 3 Woman’s colors & sizes (M, L, & XL).  All shirts are $16, with the exception of the men’s “ringer” shirt (brown) for $18.

If you want to make some real footprints, you can start by sporting our new shirt design.

Thanks and Prost!

6 new shirts

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  1. That is my first time I have visited here I like This Design and cool color thanks for sharing.