Friday, April 20, 2012

Beer Mixed Drinks

image Yes, the Yak and Yeti regulars have been mixing beers for 10 years. This is nothing new since Britain's old world traditions have been mixing beers for centuries.  The Cheshire Cat Brewpub also took on this tradition and it still continues today thanks to our regulars. 

The most famous example is that of Porter.  Porter today is a style of beer, but at one time it was actually a mixed beer beverage called “an entire”, “three-threads” and eventually “porter!”  It was made up of an ale that was old, a fresher ale and a stronger ale (2-pence).  These three were mixed and since the labor class of Porters were the first to really embrace this style, the name has stuck.  Eventually it became so popular breweries just made the Porter all at once opposed to having the bar staff blend it.

Come check out our list of beer mixed drinks, some are traditional like a “Snake Bite” and could probably find at dozens of other Denver bars and breweries, but others are unique to the Yak & Yeti like the “Bloody Lena”.  Most of these mixes were created by our regulars which order these often.  Don’t worry, if you can’t remember these mixes they are posted behind the bar for you ordering experimentation pleasure.

Three” - Pilsner(1/3), IPA(1/3) & Mild(1/3)

M&M – Milk Stout(1/2) and Mild(1/2)

Bloody Lena – Jalapeno Lena(1/2) & Bloody Mary Mix(1/2)

Snake Bite – Pilsner(2/3) & GF Apple Ale(1/3)

Black Velvet – Milk Stout (1/2) & GF Apple Ale(1/2)

Red Swirly – DIPA(1/2) and Mild(1/2)

Golden - Pilsner(1/2) & IPA(1/2)

Belgian Apple – La Bhutan(2/3) & GF Apple Ale(1/3)

Hoppy Brown - Mild(2/3) & IPA(1/3)

Spiked Ginger Ale – Honey Ginger Soda & Vodka


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