Sunday, July 10, 2011

Strawberry Wheat release on Wednesday

In addition to the Bavarian Hefeweizen that will be released at 4PM this Wednesday, we will be releasing the Strawberry Wheat at this time as well. Only $3.50 a pint during Happy Hour or try samples of any of our beers for $1 a sample. (I'd recommend trying the Strawberry Wheat and Hefeweizen side-by-side for instance.)

Now a little info about strawberries: Technically we call this a berry and a fruit and it is neither. This plant is part of the Rose family and since the seeds of this are on the outside skin, it makes it just an extension of the Stamen. This plant grew wild in America but the Europeans "discovered" it and began cultivating strawberries even though the American Indians have used them for centuries. The strawberry is very rich in vitamins (like Vitamin C) and is a healthy food that has a lot of natural fructose sugar (opposed to concentrated high fructose corn sugars that are man-made). Fructose is the most sweet tasting of all the natural sugars and gets a bad wrap because we like to indulge too much in this delight (pure fructose has a relative sweetness of almost twice that of honey, for instance).

Strawberries also are one of the foods that aren't recommended for kids under the age of one (along with peanuts, eggs and honey) They are a common food allergy that can be grown out of if avoided for the first year.

Common uses for strawberries (that is besides putting them in beer....) include

toppings on cereal, yogurt, ice cream, waffles and salads; pies/cakes; jams/jellies; ice cream drinks and smoothies; chocolate covered (are you hungry for strawberries yet?); freeze dried and dehydrated; used as flavorings for ice cream, yogurt, candy, donuts, pop tarts, etc; and strawberry shortcake (duh!).

From a personal point of view, strawberries always remind me of my maternal grandmother who passed away many years ago. She lived near many large strawberry farms in Central Wisconsin that she would bring us to so we could "pick your own." The farmers would let you eat as many as you wanted as you were collecting them....I would get very close to eating until I was sick. My personal favorite way of eating them is strawberry jam on my scrambled eggs. What other uses or ways do you like to eat strawberries?

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