Monday, November 12, 2012

Pumpkin and Spice (and all things nice)

Just in time for Thanksgiving!!!  We’ll be releasing our Pumpkin & Spice on Wed Nov. 21st at 4PM.  This beer won’t make it through the Thanksgiving weekend, so if you want some, show up for the release party or have your Thanksgiving meal at the Yak & Yeti because we’ll be open all day Thursday 22nd.  I myself will probably have a “post-meal, during-digestion” beer at the Yak on that evening.  

Last year this beer was well received and was consumed quite rapidly.  This beer started as a collaboration with some of the KROC homebrewing club members and was heavily requested for the same recipe to return.  I couldn’t coordinate to schedule the same brewers back, but we did the same recipe again.  Read about the original posts here and here.


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