Monday, December 5, 2011

11-11-11 Pumpkin Ale release Friday Dec 9

image This was a collaboration beer brewed on 11-11-11 (the mash was vorlauf’d at 11:11AM as well) between Adam at the Yak and Yeti, Dana Johnson and Phil Rohrs, who are both homebrewers from the KROC club.  I gave a heads up that this beer was coming in a previous blog.

The beer release party will be on Friday afternoon starting around 3PM at the brewpub in Arvada.  Happy hour until 6PM assures that the beers will be $1.50 off regular prices.  Both Dana and Phil will be around to take the blame for anything that doesn’t taste right.

Speaking of taste, the beer is fairly big, finishing at 6.6% ABV and isn’t your typical golden to orange pumpkin beer.  This is a darker version that has real pumpkin, pumpkin spices (nutmeg, clove, cinnamon) as well as vanilla added directly to the keg. 

Lastly, I realize this is released later than most pumpkin beers, but December and Christmas is usually when “spiced-beers” are typically released, so we’re right on schedule.  You can always try our Chai Milk Stout and get two spiced beers in the same evening.  Hope to see you Friday for the release!


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