Tuesday, November 6, 2012


When I was going to school in Chicago the two most popular new styles of beer were Belgian Pales and Belgian IPA’s.   From my recollections, every brewpub had at least one of these on tap and beer bars had several offerings.   My favorite was Zombie Dust from Three Floyds.  (most people know that I love Zombies).  The name drew me in, but the hoppy flavor was great mixed with the other nuances of the Belgian yeast strain that they used I can’t normally get it out here, but they brought some in for GABF, yum.

This isn’t an attempt to clone Zombie Dust, but it is a chance to introduce our customers to another style of beer, especially for those lovers of hoppy beers.   The recipe isn’t all that different from our Himalayan IPA but with two major changes.  1. Fermented with the Belgian-Ardennes strain of yeast and 2. dry-hopped exclusively with Styrian Goldings Bobek hops.  The beer is cloudier due to the less flocculent yeast strain and gives a completely different aroma and flavor due to the hops and yeast.  We hope it is something you will enjoy with a whole new perspective on IPA’s…Belgian IPA’s.

The stats for this beer: 6.1% ABV and ~65 IBU’s. Currently just called Belgo-IPA, but if people really dig it, we’ll name and make it again sometime.  Released at 4PM on Wed Nov 7th at the Brewpub.  See you there.


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