Friday, August 5, 2011

one-half ton and what do you get?

In my previous blog post, I mentioned an improvement project that I was working on completing.  I also mentioned that for every batch of beer I haul approximately a quarter ton downstairs into the basement, mill the malt, and haul the same quarter ton of malt back upstairs into the brewery (thus the answer to the blog title question—one batch of beer).   Hauling grain at most breweries involves a forktruck, hand truck or hoist…..due to the stairs and no elevator I use the Hercules methodology. 

Even before I brewed my first batch of beer at the Yak, one of my top priorities was to take over the garden shed in the back for use as a malt mill room. (sounds really cool to have it’s own room, doesn’t it?).  The only four steps that it involved were:

  1. Install 220V receptacle with extension cord
  2. bring the grain mill upstairs and outside
  3. clean out the garden shed
  4. re-organize the saved items back down in the basement, utilizing the old space

Step one, hired an electrician to install…check.  Step two, convince 5 kitchen staff and myself to carry the 500lb+ grain mill up stairs (we did use the dolly during the flat sections which helped immensely.)  Easier said than done…when the 6 of us had difficulty with it at first, I almost resorted to building a wooden sled and getting some ropes so the 6 of us could play tug-o-war with a machine, but I’m glad we didn’t have to resort to that.  Step three, I forgot to take a before photo…bummer, it definitely was disorganized and needed some TLC.  Step four, put the three shelves from the shed into the basement and organized what little we saved onto those shelves or existing shelves.

Now milling grain will entail backing my vehicle within 8 feet of the grain mill room door and then moving the crushed grain approximately 20ft all on the same level (no stairs!!!).  I could even use a dolly if I wanted.  So there you have it, working smarter….not harder. 

yak temp 004

Can’t wait to put it to use.


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