Friday, August 5, 2011

Just like in the Movies!

yak temp 003 (Small)

In my last post I mentioned I cleaned out the garden shed.  One thing I found was an entire tub filled with Christmas Lights.  I wasn’t sure if they worked and wasn’t going to keep them if they didn’t.  So I brought them inside and started plugging them in the outlet.  Wow, they actually worked!

Since they were just one big 3 ft ball of tangled, twinkly-goodness it reminded me of a memorable quote from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: (all spoken by Clark Griswold)

[reaching for the Christmas lights to hand to Russ] Unravel these.  We need to check every bulb.

[pulls out a huge tangled ball of lights] Oops.  Little knot here, you can work on that.

Funny how real-life movies can feel sometimes….


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