Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Cheshire Cat remains

IMG_1328The Cheshire Cat can still be found in the Yak & Yeti if you look around for it.  There was a great artist that did several large format wall paintings.  This one of Alice and the grinning cat is located in our Buffet room on the south wall. 

Join me on short photo tour around the Yak & Yeti to see the remains of the Cat.    IMG_1330When you first enter, you’ll be in the bar room and on top of the bar are 3 of the original Cats that decorated the place (apparently there were a ton of cats that people brought in for display).



There is also a fireplace on the east wall of the bar room that has this picture and figurines displayed.




photoAround the bar room are also several of these wall-mounted lights.  I’ve been told these were originally gas lamps but have been converted to standard electrical.  I’m not sure, but it is plausible. IMG_1332

On the south end of the bar, as you are heading to the outdoor patio you’ll notice this photo of Eli Allen, who was the original owner of this land and build the house.  Eli was the 2nd postmaster of Arvada, 2nd to Benjamin Wadsworth.  You’ll find other photos of the Van Voorhis family and neat black & white photos of the old house before there was much of anything on that side of Ralston Road.



IMG_1329One room that you won’t see anymore is the “smoking room” that the Cat used to have.  It is now used as our private office.  There is a another one of the large format paintings of the smoking worm on top of the large mushroom from Alice and Looking Glass.  If you look at his face he is a spot-on look alike for Geoffrey Bruce, one of the owners of the Cheshire Cat Brewpub.IMG_1333IMG_1335

Let’s walk upstairs.  You’ll notice all the wall hangings have changed (even added some Karma Sutra paintings in the tower room), but what hasn’t changed is the library.  Notice the blue sky painted ceiling and many books on the shelves though-out this room.


IMG_1334Past the office to the north is a small over-flow room for private dining.  Jesus Christ himself is still hanging on the wall!IMG_1337

In the south-west corner there is an old bedroom that is called the board room.  This room still houses several of the steins, mugs and drinking vessels that were a part of the Cat’s mug club.  The room also has little closet that isn’t used for anything but to collect dust. TIMG_1336he doors look to be more Thai in influence, but we kept them, because they just look so cool.


Finally, back on the first floor is the brewery.  Yup, it’s still there anIMG_1339d is being IMG_1338used a lot more too.

Well, I ran out of photos to share, hope you enjoyed the virtual photo tour, next time, stop in person and look around and you might find other hidden treasures left behind from the Cheshire Cat.  In the meantime, I think I’ll have a beer. 



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