Friday, December 14, 2012

Belgian Pilsner

It’s like a Pilsner, but with Belgian ale yeast and a mix of German hops and Belgian-styles hops.  The most famous Belgian Pilsner is Stella Artois, but this is truly a lager and doesn’t have any Belgian character, it might as well be brewed by Budweiser…wait, it is, they are both owned by AB-InBev. 

The Yak and Yeti’s Belgian Pilsner pours cloudy instead of clear due to the low flocculating yeast, but lends some nice fruit esters and spicy phenols.  The hops come through nicely as well due to the light colored malts.  Despite finishing at a low 1 degree Plato in gravity, the beer has surprisingly a lot of body.  It comes in at 5.7% and 31IBU’s.  Served in 10oz glasses on our Haunted Beer Series tap handle.

So instead of reaching for a Bud, try our Namaste Pilsner and instead of reaching for a Stella Artois, try our Belgian Pils. It’s on tap and was released on Wed. Dec. 12th (12-12-12).


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