Monday, July 30, 2012

“Needles” the Spruce beer aged on cedar!

I thought the name was appropriate for the style of beer.  “Needles” is a Colonial-style spruce beer, which means real spruce tips and molasses (something George Washington might have quaffed?).  Since spruce is a great natural source of Vitamin C, spruce beer was used to help fight scurvy.  Even Ben Franklin has a famous recipe for Spruce Beer. 

So in the spirit of our forefathers, I hand picked tips from fresh growth of Colorado Blue Spruce. But in the spirit of homebrewing and funky creativeness, I then aged it on cedar chips in secondary.  A 7.8% ABV dark brown beer with hints of black strap molasses but lots of fresh pine flavors (for you hop heads who likes “pine”, think Ahtanum or Chinook hops).

For those that had a chance to check out the Brewer’s Rendezvous in Salida the weekend of July 14th, we shared one keg at our booth and it was well received.  This 2nd keg will go on tap as soon as the Ginger Witbier is gone, I’m guessing by Friday (but come in and speed up the release by killing the keg early!)

Come check out one of our most craziest beers yet and fight scurvy at the same time--“Needles!”


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