Monday, July 23, 2012

Ginger Witbier

For all you hop-heads, this beer isn’t for you, it is for us Ginger-Heads instead!  Only 15IBU’s which is pretty normal for a traditional witbier, this Ginger Witbier is easy drinking at 5.6%.  For those who are new to witbiers, witbier stands for “white beer” and it is made from wheat malt and typically has spices like orange peel and coriander.  Hoegaarden is the most classic brand with many awards (most recently it took the 2008 World Beer Cup gold medal for Belgian-style white beer.)  Many major brands have come out with their own versions of witbiers like Miller-Coors (Blue Moon) and Anheuser Busch (Shock Top).  Now Yak & Yeti has one with it’s own spin.

I personally like having a witbier with lunch.  I remember being in Brussels, Belgium and ordering a Hoegaarden at 11:30AM and thinking, this is like a refreshing orange juice.  A great refreshing summer beverage.  Give it try starting today (Monday July 23rd) at 4PM when we release it.


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