Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gluten-Reduced Himalayan IPA love our Himalayan IPA, but for those with Celiac’s or gluten-sensitivity it is almost impossible.  Traditional gluten-free beers contain no grains with gluten (ex: substituting sorghum for wheat) but there has been new enzymes on the market that can help make a wheat and barley beer gluten-free, or at least gluten-reduced.  These enzymes break down glycoproteins (gliadin in wheat and hordien in barley) and they become benign short chains that are tolerated by nearly all with gluten issues.    On Wed 13th at 4PM we are releasing our Gluten-Reduced Himalayan IPA that was fermented separately with this test enzyme. Since we aren’t paying some agency to test and certify this beer as gluten-free, we are just calling it Gluten-Reduced.

Come test it for yourself.  For all you gluten deprived Hop heads out there...


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