Monday, February 27, 2012

On the Belgian Tap - La Bhutan Citra

image So there are way too many Belgian beers that I’d like to brew and put on the Haunted Series tap handle.  The problem is that it will take me a year to get through the list of all the other beers I want to put on this handle.  So the solution is I guess to dedicate a tap handle at the Yak specifically for Belgian-style beers.

Although we have released Belgians before the first beer that I’m releasing on this tap handle is called “La Bhutan Citra.”  This is a 6.4% ale fermented with the famous Ardennes strain and it is loosely based on a strong Belgian blonde ale but flavor-hopped with Citra hops.   Citra is supposed to have a strong citrus notes (no surprise there with the name) but in addition to the grapefruit and lime aromas, image it also is said to have passion fruit, gooseberry and lychee aromas/flavors.  Judge for yourself as this beer will be released at 4PM on Wednesday 29th…the day of the leap year. 

For those that don’t know what “Bhutan” stands for, I’ll refer you to your geography books.  The “La” is just to make it sound “Belgian-y”  (Hope it worked…)

If you show me your license/birth certificate and prove you were born on leap year, I’ll get the first pint for you on the house.  (because technically you hear “Happy Birthday!” 4 times less than the rest of us.)


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