Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just Peachy!

By the sound of the post, you must know that we are releasing a Peach Wheat for this Wednesday at 4PM.  Peaches didn’t grow well in the Midwest where I grew up, so I always thought they were only grown in the SE, specifically Georgia.  After moving to Colorado, I found that our state is well-known for peaches too.  It’s peach pickin’ time….

Some known and otherwise unknown facts about our pitted friend:

  • Peaches are stone fruits, just like cherries, plums, and apricots
  • related to the Almond
  • originally from China and later Persia
  • Alexander the Great introduced peaches to Europe
  • a nectarine is a type of peach
  • Peaches are fuzzy, nectarines are smooth (skinned) and they both contain a pit (get it? Pitt!)
  • peaches shouldn’t be refrigerated and they do not ripen after being picked
  • California leads the production of peaches despite the Georgia nickname of “The Peach State”
  • Used in modern literature and music
  • is apparently used for the name of a band, clothing manufacturer, and window maker

Uses for peaches, besides beer…

  • teas
  • pies, cakes, breads, muffins and donuts
  • candies, puddings, and ice cream
  • scents are used in perfumes, air fresheners and cleaning products
  • jams and jellies
  • salad dressing, salad toppings
  • salsa
  • liquor
  • peach cobbler (these pics make me hungry)
  • baked, broiled, pickled, poached, dried, roasted, and even creme brulee’d
  • or as a healthy snack eaten plain

Most of the peaches that I’ve eaten in my day have unfortunately been canned in sugary syrups.  The wheat we’ll be serving is made from fresh Coloradan grown peaches.  I am also familiar with a peach beer from St. Louis: O’Fallon Wheach. I’m not sure if it’s available around here, but it is quite refreshing in the summer time.  So stop by before the summer heat is entirely gone to enjoy a pint this Wednesday.


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