Monday, September 5, 2011

Big, fat, juicy Yak-berries…

These things were gargantuan, I think there were 4 berries per lb [editor’s note: slight exaggeration].  This Wednesday Wheat Series release is the Blackberry Wheat, at 4PM as usual, sounds scrumptious doesn’t it?

For those who Googled the smart phone and got this site instead, tough luck, the fruit came before phones were invented.  To learn more useless trivia about the berry, read on:

  • remember the raspberry post?  Blackberries have a solid core when picked, unlike black raspberries.
  • can tolerate poor soil and so is found in unusual places like ditches and vacant lots
  • the root from the bush is very astringent and was used medicinally for treating diarrhea
  • scientists have developed new cultivars that come from prickle-free bushes
  • before they are ripe, they can start nearly white in color, transition to red and finally darken to a shiny black


  • Baking: pies, pastries/donuts, cakes, bread, cookies, cobbler, muffins
  • Flavorings: candy, ice cream, yogurt, frosting, cream cheese, popsicles,
  • toppings: cereal, ice cream, yogurt, cake
  • jams and jellies
  • sauces, glazes (eg. for chicken)
  • smoothies, and other ice drinks
  • alcohols: schnapps, liquors (specifically rums and vodkas), malt beverages
  • perfume and other scented products like shampoo and lotion
  • My favorite use of blackberries is blackberry yogurt.  Something about the rich flavor, tartness and the creaminess from the yogurt that all compliments each other.   I could do without the seeds…. but good news is that since the Raspberry Wheat didn’t expose the seeds, I’m feeling pretty confident that we won’t have seeds in our beer here either.   Stop down to the brewpub this Wednesday, I’m usually hanging out from 4-6PM to answer questions or shoot the bull, err yak.


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