Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Victorian Sunrise Wheat 2013

The wheat beer is back, just in time for all this 100+ degF heat!  The Victorian Sunrise Wheat is a 5.2% ABV and 18IBU cloudy wheat beer based on a hefeweizen recipe.   This beer will be quite refreshing but don’t expect huge banana or clove flavors as I designed the beer to be less fruity so that our Wheat Wednesday flavors will be showcased better.  Many other local breweries keep a wheat beer on draft year round (Arvada Beer Co, Odyssey, Wynkoop, CB & Potts, Avery Brewing Co, Twisted Vine, Dry Dock, etc) but I like to think of ours as a VIB (very important beer) since it only comes out once a year!

The Victorian Sunrise Wheat will be released at 4PM on Wednesday June 12th.


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