Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Colonial-Style Ginger Beer

Yes, the Colonial-style Ginger Beer is back on the Haunted Beer Series Tap.  This is something that George Washington or Ben Franklin would have homebrewed.  Is it historically accurate?  Unless you own a time-machine, I’m going to say “yes.”  Nobody can be certain but I used Brown Malt which is basically what the beers would have been like before the invention of Pale malts.   Also incorporated English hops and English yeast, as there wasn’t any American strains yet.  You’ll have to try it and decide for yourselves.

This beer is fairly dark in color, like a brown ale and is 6.7%ABV and 22 IBU’s.  The beer has a very distinctive ginger bite as it has more than 3lbs of ginger per bbl of beer.  Will be released at 4PM on Wednesday April 24th, 2013.  Read more about the first release and other interesting facts (like it is not a root but a rhizome and the Nepalese call it the “aduwa”) here.


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