Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pink IPA (Pink Peppercorn)

So first there was the English IPA, then the American IPA, then the double and triple IPAs, then the Black IPA and White IPAs, suppose we weren’t done unless we made a PINK IPAClint McCaskill is a brewer in the KROC Club and this was his recipe for a collaboration.   Made with over 2lb of pink peppercorns per barrel this IPA clocks in at 7.1%ABV and 56IBU.  Sort of weak on the IBU side, but we wanted to showcase the peppercorns without over dominating.  For those that think it will actually be pink in color, you’ll just have to show up to the release to find out (and congratulate Clint while you are here).

TBR (to be released) on Friday, March 22nd at 4PM at the Brewpub in Olde Town Arvada. 



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