Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dragon’s Wort Ale

I’ve shopped for many rare, seasonal and special release beers in my lifetime, but I’ve never run across a Dragon’s Wort Ale.  I even “googled it” so I know it never existed.   So I decide to make a beer using Dragon’s Wort as a spice.  They use Tarragon, the more popular name for this spice, in chicken dishes, soups and in other countries even as a soda flavoring! 

I had several other Haunted Beer’s in waiting in front, so it isn’t until today (Wed Sept 26th, 2012) that I get around to releasing and blogging about this beer.   Turns out another Colorado Brewery (Pumphouse in Longmont) has beat me to the release.  The only proof is due to Untapped which proves they had released a Dragon’s Wort Porter about 6 weeks or so before (which I found out during the writing of this post).

Like most of our wheat beer series and Haunted Series, we like to go “over the top” so you can taste what we say we put in the beers.  Dragon’s Wort Ale is no exception.  The flavor is SOOO strong that a funny slogan comes to mind.   “There are no such thing as strong beers in this world…only weak men!”

Come and see how strong your manly beer scale measures up against our Dragon’s Wort Ale.  Can you slay a glass of this 8.5% spiced Belgian-style behemoth?  Tapped at 4PM on Wed. 26th 2012.


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