Monday, October 10, 2011

Two new beers on tap at the Yak!

Okay, I need to start this blog with a confession: one of the beers has been on tap for about 2 weeks but I realized that there was no blog about its release. 

Take a Brown Ale (Northern English) recipe and tweak it with traditional Indian ingredients like “brown rice” and “honey.”  We could have come up with a creative name for this beer, but I figured there would be more questions about what it is, so I went with a simple name that spells it out—Brown Rice and Honey Ale.   The clover honey has fermented out but the aroma and flavor is still strong.   The brown rice lends a subtle but distinct nutty/spicy earthiness.  The recipe was formulated to be sweeter because after the sugars from the brown rice and honey had fermented out, they were going leave the beer too thin and dry….thus the finished ale is balanced.   This beer clocks in at 6% ABV and 26 IBU’s.   We probably didn’t need to promote this beer as our customers love it and are crossing their fingers that it becomes a year-round flagship.

After taking a serious look at our lineup, it became obvious that we don’t have any good low-alcohol session beers available.  Also, the AbominAle ESB was losing popularity and was in desperate need of a facelift.  Enter AbominAle Mild.  This is a 3.7% English mild and only 16 IBUs (enough to protect and stabilize the beer).  Session beers are the lifeblood of the British pub scene.  This ale may have low alcohol, but is still full-flavored.  Chocolate, nutty, roasty and caramel can all be perceived in the flavor profile.   Not to be confused with a “dark mild” this beer is red in color and will be one of our mainstay beers,…go ahead, it’s okay, have 5 or 6 of them!

Prost & Prost!

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